Thursday, 11 August 2016

Meet Jeffrey

Ok so i decided to have a go at crocheting this Elephant Pillow..And his name is Jeffrey..Its not perfect, and looks a bit drunk can be got here.

This has kept me quiet for few ears are the hardest part, but once you,ve done first ear, 2nd ear is easier..I think his huge...

I,m going to make Josefina next..But going to use diffrent wool, I used Aran for this one. Going to try with Double Knit for Josefina,  shouldn't come out as big..

Sorry bout the crappy photos..

Sorry about the misery holding jeffrey, my OH Jim, who i may add has nabbed this pillow/ thought would give better idea on size..

Caz xx

1 comment:

Janette said...

Hiya Caz, WOW...had no idea at first glance how huge this gorgeous pillow was, omg, it's brilliant, love